At eSpin, we believe everyone deserves to breathe fresh.

How we started

exceed filters are manufactured and marketed by eSpin Technologies Incorporated, a nanotechnology firm established over 20 years ago in Chattanooga, TN. Our mission was to develop the technology required to bring the benefits of nanofiber technology to day to day life. We knew our nanofiber technology could make the world a better place.

How it's going

Today, eSpin Technologies has emerged as a global leader in nanofiber technology. Technology which has allowed us to produce high-quality nanofiber based products. Such as our exceed line of residential air filters.

Culture of Collaboration

eSpin started as a self-funded advanced research facility, but our collaborations have enabled some truly incredible discoveries and professional relationships.

We've teamed up with several federal agencies and industrial partners to develop and scale novel solutions for filtration, environmental remediation, and other technologies for numerous applications.