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why exceed?

You have much more control of the air in your own home, but when it comes to venturing outdoors, suddenly there are a lot more risks. With exceed nanofiber mask filters, you can leave knowing that you carry the same protection with you wherever you go.

Similar to our residential air filters, our microscopic nanofiber mesh traps particles before they reach your lungs. With the added safety of a reusable cloth mask, your protection could be as high 90%.

  • Nanofiber mask inserts save the day.

    Made of nanofiber mesh, our inserts fit perfectly into exceed's reusable cloth masks.

  • Make them work for you.

    While the insert should fit most standard adult-sized reusable masks, fit can be adjusted for your child's mask or for a smaller pocket by simply cutting to size.

  • Comfortable and secure.

    The classic disposable mask has been a staple in our pandemic wardrope. Ours, made with our advanced nanofiber mesh keeps you safe from lingering aerosol particles.

  • Plenty to choose from.

    We've all forgotten our reusable masks just as we've left the house. For emergencies like these, keep a pack of nanofiber disposable masks in your car, purse or in a drawer at the office.

Limited time only!

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, eSpin Technologies partnered with local seamstresses in Chattanooga, Tennessee to create these limited edition cloth masks.

  • The perfect fit.

    Handmade with cotton, our masks have soft adjustable ties that fit everyone. Plenty of fabric ensures full coverage from nose to chin.

  • Eight patterns to choose from.

    From fun paint splatters to fireworks to bumblebees, liven up your trip to the gas station, your return to the office or the classroom.